with friends like you.

14 Dec 2011 § 3 Comments

I’ve generally been very lucky when it comes to making friends. I have a couple of really close ones whom I confide in and know I can count on – these are the ones whom I see maybe once in three or four months, but the one to two hours we spend having dinner always ends up as an intense all-out catch-up + gossip session, coupled with plenty of laughter and hardly any silent pauses. And I have a couple of guy friends whom I can turn to when I need a more masculine point of view (although I usually tell one of them to ‘turn on your girlfriend mode please’ when I’m in need of someone to whine to) – a girl always needs a guy friend!

However, towards the end of last year and throughout this year, I’ve had the (bad) luck of meeting some really strange characters. People who would not hesitate to gossip about you – be it a lie or a half-truth, they just blab away, adding spice along the way. Then there are those who take the things you tell them in confidence and spill it all out – in the wrong context too, creating a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

But as they say, “who gossips to you will gossip of you”.

Certain events happened recently and what I subsequently uncovered really confirmed my suspicions about a certain friend. I thought I was over-reacting and sought the advice of a couple of friends of both sexes. Well, just say you know you’re right when even the guys called this person a ‘sh*t-stirrer’…the general consensus is that I should keep my distance from someone so poisonous. Which is generally what I try to do when I meet people as distasteful as this, though there are times I feel riled up enough to want to sink to their level and bite them back. Can’t say much for trying not to whine and complain to my friends though…thank god for patient friends!

Well, I’m crossing my fingers that this isn’t a sign that my run of luck in meeting good people has come to an end. I’ve had more than my fair share of gossipmongers and backstabbers this year, may they all be left behind as 2011 moves into 2012!


If you did not see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.


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