a night of balloons, bubbles and cake.

11 Jan 2012 § 7 Comments

My little princess is turning three next Monday, and we invited friends and family to join us over the past weekend to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Much to the chagrin of my bank balance, I went rather overboard (though close friends will vouch that it’s not unusual when it comes to spending on my girl!) and ended up going all out to make it an unforgettable birthday bash for her.

The party was held at the multipurpose hall of the housing area where we stayed, and seeing as the hall looked quite bare, I decided to attempt to jazz up the place with some self-made arts and crafts. A shopping trip to Art Friend @ The Gardens saw me emerging with three bags filled with a wide selection of stationery…rolls and rolls of ribbons, styrofoam bases, paper, several types of glue, felt sheets, eyelets and a heavy duty kick-ass eyelet puncher – the list goes on!

Here are some of the decorations that I slaved over during the two-week period leading up to her party:

Birthday pennants using felt with free-style hand-cut alphabets glued to the front

More paper pennants to decorate the hall

My version of a ‘lollipop’ cake (sans lollies when I took the pic)

Birthday signage

Party day finally rolled around and thankfully, everything went as smooth as silk! Even the slight downpour in the evening ended right before the party started, much to my relief. The boyfriend (bless him!) arrived a few hours earlier to help me put up all the decorations, and my parents took up babysitting duties in the afternoon while we were busy setting up in the hall.

Here are some of the pics taken during the party, courtesy of our photographer, Peter…enjoy!

Delicate and floaty tissue paper pom-poms at the entrance (thank you, Martha Stewart!)

Birthday signage hanging at the stairs to greet the guests

Bouncy castle

More pennants decorating the stairs

Birthday pennants on the wall in the theme colors of the party

The completed lollipop cake

Awaiting the guests and birthday girl to arrive

The clown who made pretty amazing balloon sculptures for the kids (I saw one or two adults making off with some as well!)

Face painting and bottles of bubble mix for both adults and kids

The buffet spread

The birthday cake made exactly to the birthday girl’s specifications – chocolate cake with strawberries on top!

Pressies for the birthday girl!

‘Twas a wonderful night – the weather wasn’t too warm, there was a full moon shining in the sky – and it was lovely to hear the chatter and laughter from the kids as they enjoyed themselves. And as all mommies would agree, the ultimate reward was definitely seeing my little girl looking so excited and happy, especially when everyone was singing ‘Happy Birthday‘ as she stood in front of her birthday cake.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my darling girl! May you always be surrounded by family and friends and love!

For those who are interested, here are the nitty-gritty details and contacts of the companies/people I approached for the entertainment, food, etc.:

Bouncy castle from DJ Events: It took me quite awhile to find a company renting out bouncy castles and I was so happy when I stumbled across DJ Events. They have a pretty good selection of inflatables plus competitive prices, furthermore, you can order the bouncy castle online! The company was very professional as well, calling a day before to confirm the delivery time. The inflatable was clean, and set up only took less than an hour. (The boyfriend did have a good laugh at me when I still insisted on disinfecting the surface though!)

Clown and face painter from Mr. Stanley Foo: Unlimited balloon sculptures the whole night, much to the delight of the kids (once they got over their fear of clowns)! He made a lovely bicycle for the birthday girl, I saw plenty of ray-guns for the boys, and one cute green caterpillar! There were some lovely artwork from the face painter as well – one friend had a skull drawn on her hand!

Catering from Citarasa Uniq: I’ve used this company on two occasions and the feedback I’ve received about their food has been positive thus far. I really like the fact that they are always on time – both times, they arrive a good two hours before the event started to set-up the tables and food. They also provide paper plates and plastic cutlery, and are quite flexible when it comes to swapping some dishes in their menu. Post-party, they will help to clean up the place and pack all the unfinished food for you (you have to provide the containers though). Highly recommended!

Birthday cake from The Haute Food Co: I ordered my daughter’s birthday cake from Li, the owner of Haute Food, for both her 2nd and 3rd birthday party, and both times, the cake received many accolades and there were guests asking me where I’d bought it from. I’m absolutely head over heels in love with the desserts that she churns out at Haute Food, and the surprise that she threw in for this year’s birthday cake – a crunchy biscuit-y base – was so good that there wasn’t a slice of cake left by the end of the night!

Balloons from Party Moo Moo: I had an outstanding RM120 voucher when I purchased an animal balloon for my daughter from Party Moo Moo a couple of months ago, and I used that to purchase the lovely blue and white balloons that were left to float freely in the hall.

Photography by Mr. Peter Sim: I’ve never bothered trying to take photos during my daughter’s birthday parties as I know I’ll be too busy running around and will inadvertently miss out on some ‘Kodak’ moments. Thank god for Peter, a friend and the ‘official’ photographer for all of my daughter’s birthday parties…3 years and counting! I love that he takes the trouble to arrive earlier to take some pre-party pics, and he always manages to capture many candid moments during the party!  (Do leave a comment below if you want his contact details.)

Till next year!


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