half life.

12 Jan 2012 § Leave a comment

I love ads that have a ‘now-this-is-out-of-the-box’ quality, and this one is no exception.

It’s an extremely creative use of Facebook’s new Timeline feature by McCann Digital for an Anti-Drugs campaign for the Israeli Anti-Drug Authority, depicting the (short) story of fictional character Adam Barak’s two lives: one getting addicted to drugs (shown on the left of the Timeline), one staying clean (shown on the right of the Timeline).

The FB profile page has since been removed apparently due to some violations to Facebook’s T&Cs, but here’s the YouTube video:

The stark contrast between Adam Barak’s two lives if he’d stayed on the straight and narrow is hard-hitting. Show his life under addiction just by itself and the impact would’ve been totally lost. It screams “this is the life you should’ve been/should be living”…I personally think it’s brilliant!


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