the people who matter.

23 Jan 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m an atypical Chinese New Year grinch, disliking the hot weather, the traffic jams, the loud songs played across all the malls as Chinese New Year rolls around each year and for other reasons best left unsaid. Ironically, I strangely still adhere to the usual first day CNY superstitions, such as not sweeping the floor, wearing red and not washing my hair (oh, how I’ve tried to find ways around this, such as surreptitiously running a wet comb through my hair in the morning to tame the unruly strands) for fear of being struck down with infinite bad luck for the rest of the lunar year!

However, having been able to spend Chinese New Year with my parents and daughter in KL for the past three years has improved my attitude considerably and this year, I’ve even made the effort to put up a little CNY decor at home! The gold fishes and red lanterns made from angpao paper is reminiscent of the CNY decorations that I used to help my mom make when I was very young – in fact, we used to string CNY cards all over the house too!

Ultimately, Chinese New Year to me will always be about spending time with the people who matter – be it your parents, grandparents, cousins or extended family – I don’t believe in upholding tradition for tradition’s sake when there’s no heart behind it. So, as we usher in the year of the Water Dragon, I hope all of you are safely ensconced with the people you love and the ones you hold dear, may it be family, friends, or both!

Here’s wishing all of you a happy and fortuitous Chinese New Year!



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