the long and short of it.

29 Jan 2012 § 6 Comments

I’ve had long hair for as far back as I can remember. It’s been stick-straight, permed, colored, but never once short.

Circa 2006

However, 2.5 years ago after I had my daughter, I decided to take the plunge and chop off the messy layers that hasn’t seen the glint of a scissors blade in almost a year. By then, my hair was a nice six inches below my shoulders, but surprisingly, I felt not a single twinge of regret as my then stylist, Jojo, merrily snipped away. I left the hair salon feeling quite pleased with myself and the semi-long bob that I sported, but surprise! surprise!…in less than two months, I was back again, determined to go even shorter this time. And shorter I went, emerging with a chic chin-length angled bob that I totally loved! It felt fresh and light, though it also meant I could no longer get away with just toweling dry my hair.

Circa 2009

Since then, I’ve never looked back…it’s almost as if in cutting off my locks, I’ve gained an addiction to go even shorter, with one exception: however short my bobs have gone, I could not psych myself to venture into the territory of pixie crops! Now, according to articles in fashion magazines, I’m a perfect candidate for a pixie crop – fitting the petite, heart-shaped face, fine and straight hair criteria to the tee – but hey, who knows if Murphy’s law will be at work here? I know you can grow out a bad haircut, but no one ever mentions the time it takes to grow it out and the impossibility of going into hiding whilst doing so (vanity at its vainest here!).

And so, my visits to the salon always starts off with me announcing to my current hairstylist, Bambang, “I feel like going for a pixie cut this time…

…BUT… I’m too scared”.

I bet he silently chuckles at my false bravado, sigh.

Well, the new year has come and gone, and having had the same haircut, albeit with varying lengths, for the past two and a half years has finally taken its toll. Those two reasons, coupled with an unexpected third – namely being follicly-inspired by actress Anne Hathaway in a movie called ‘One Day’ (digressing slightly: the book is wayyyy better, trust me!) – finally pushed me into taking that final leap. In the movie, Anne Hathaway played a rather nerdy, awkward girl who moves to Paris halfway thru the story, chopping off her locks in process and emerging like a butterfly with such a lovely chic crop that I immediately turned to the boyfriend and asked if he thought the same cut would suit me, to which he replied yes!

Chic Anne Hathaway

With my confidence somewhat boosted and in preparation for my visit to the salon, I spent a couple of hours reading articles about 2012 hairstyle trends and Googling for other images of pixie crops – my favorites being Emma Watson and Gennifer Goodwin, and of course, the queen of gamine, Audrey Hepburn. At the very least, I knew that I would be comfortable with the back of my hair being short – in my past few cuts, it’s already been cropped pretty much the same length – so at least half the battle has been won!

Emma Watson, Nathalie Portman

Carey Mulligan, Gennifer Goodwin

After a consultation with Bambang, whom by now must be quite tired of reassuring me that I would look perfectly fine with that cut, I finally took the plunge! I felt I couldn’t quite pull off that short, barely-there fringe at the front, which is the trademark of a true-and-true pixie crop, so we decided to settle with side-swept bangs, which was a nice compromise and a good way of easing myself into a pixie crop.

Two hours later plus some highlights and a crash course on how to style my new ‘do, it was goodbye bob, hello pixie!

Circa 2012!

It’s still taking some getting used to, but I definitely have no regrets. The boyfriend has also enthusiastically embraced the new cut – firstly with a demand for a pic to see how his ‘new’ girlfriend looks like, then following it up by a virtual wolf-whistle much to my delight!

Styling it was much easier than I anticipated, though the 10 minutes that I can save from blowdrying is now painstakingly spent trying to muss up my hair to look as if I’d just stepped out of bed.

Fashion-wise, I noticed that I’ve been trying to compensate for the perceived loss in femininity by wearing dressier-than-usual dresses and paying more attention to accessorizing. I guess it’ll be a matter of time before I find a right balance between my worry of looking tomboyish and going back to wearing my beloved skinnies again! In the meantime, I’m having fun experimenting with the crop…here’s to rockin’ 2012 with a new ‘do!


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§ 6 Responses to the long and short of it.

  • skybambi says:

    I know exactly what you mean by addictive! Look at my hair now? I used to have super long hair – you’d be shocked :p But anyway, looking good. I think you ought to stick to this style!

    • sy says:

      I wanna see pic of you with super long hair!! But yes, totally addictive, furthermore, I doubt I’ll ever have the patience and perseverance to grow my hair out anymore…

  • Becca says:

    You look awesome with the crop, and it would only look even more stunning when you chop the fringe off! Kudos!

  • Tsu Lin says:

    I think it suits you very much! I’ve done short but not pixie and doubt it’ll suit my face!

    • sy says:

      Thank you! Ahhh you’ll never know…I spent years believing that I can’t carry off short hair. I honestly think it boils down to having a good hairstylist who knows what kind of cut suits your hair type and face…=)

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