love on a tuesday.

14 Feb 2012 § Leave a comment

Whenever I hold my girl close in my arms, or listen to her giggle with unabashed happiness as I tickle her; when I feel her arms holding on to me tightly as she rests her face on my shoulder, her breath hot against my neck as she drifts off to sleep; when I hear her squeal “Mommy!” as she catches sight of me entering the house and see that wide, welcoming smile on her face; when she snuggles close to me at night and curls her small palm in mine…I think:

“Now THIS is love.”

Love that swells your heart, spills over, explodes and makes you catch your breath. An everyday, ever-lasting, I-will-always-love-you kind of love.

 “There’s no such things as ready. There’s only willing.” ~ David Levinthan

You’ll never be ready to be a parent, a mother – there’s a learning curve to scale every day. But in your willingness to try to be the best parent that you can be, the reward is undoubtedly the purest form of love –  immeasurable and devoid of artifice and guile…

…making it Valentine’s Day, everyday.



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