ramen @ menya musashi.

18 May 2012 § Leave a comment

I was still pining for the two bowls of delicious ramen I had at Ippudo and upon reading that there’s a new ramen joint at Isetan @ One Utama, I was more than eager to check it out. Booked the boyfriend in advance on Monday evening and off we went to sample Menya Musashi’s ramen.

Menya Musashi is located on L2 of Eat Paradise at Isetan, and despite it being dinner time, the queue was relatively short. I was quite surprised though when we were ushered inside as we were taken straight to the register to place our order and pay! I’m the type who likes to leisurely study the menu, hence standing at the counter with the pressure of other customers waiting behind wasn’t a very nice experience. Nevertheless, we quickly placed our orders and was brought to our tables to wait for the food.

The menu has a ‘build-your-own-ramen-bowl’ option whereby you can choose the amount of meat you prefer – there are altogether four options: one slice of pork belly (RM22), or one slice of pork belly with a whole egg (Ajitama, RM24), or two slices of pork belly with half an egg (Musashi, RM26) and three slices of pork belly (Chashu Men, RM30) if I remember correctly – followed by the type of oil in the ramen broth. The three types of oil offered were Shiro, Kuro and Aka (onion flavoured, special oil combined with fried shallots and garlic oil, home made Musashi chilli oil respectively).

I ordered the Kuro Musashi Ramen – this was the closest I could find to Ippudo’s  version with the black garlic oil, while the boyfriend had the spicy Aka Musashi. Feeling hungry (ok, greedy!), we added a side order of gyoza (RM9) as well.

How to eat Tsukemen

We didn’t have to wait too long before two steaming hot bowls of ramen were set on our table. The serving was HUGE! One slice of pork belly was about the size of my palm, I kid you not. Unfortunately, the noodles were of the thicker variety which was not to my liking, although it was cooked al-dente and remained springy throughout the meal. The ramen was served with bamboo shoots and spring onions which added a nice crunchy texture to each spoonful. However, the pork belly was a let-down – it was sliced too thickly and a tad bit tough, none of the ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ texture that I was expecting and I only managed to finish slightly more than a slice.

Kuro Musashi Ramen (RM26)

The soup, however…oh, the soup was spot on! It was flavorful and tasty and ultimately quite decadent as you can taste the slight oiliness as you slurp it up (just tell yourself it’s full of collagen-goodness and you’ll be fine). I definitely could not finish the ramen and the pork belly slice, but I was quite happily enjoying spoonful after spoonful of hot soup (by the way, ice cold green tea tastes divine at the end of the meal, cutting thru the richness and slight saltiness of the broth).

Aka Musashi Ramen (RM26)

The gyoza was rather tasty as well, with a generous filling and crispy skin on the outside, although some parts were slightly charred.

Gyoza (RM9)

All in all, fans of thicker noodles would probably enjoy Menya Musashi’s ramen, however I doubt I will return for a second visit as I prefer the thinner variety and I wasn’t impressed with the pork belly slices – after all, one cannot survive on ramen broth by itself! The bill for two bowls of ramen, a plate of gyoza and two cups of cold green tea came up to RM75 which I found somewhat pricey as well.

There seems to be an expansion of ramen restaurants around PJ and KL (Yamagoya at Publika, Menya Musashi and Gantetsu at Eat Paradise @ Isetan, Santouka at Pavilion)…would it be too much to hope that Ippudo will be opening here soon as well? Am keeping my fingers crossed!


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