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22 Jun 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve recently been spending quite a lot of my time on Pinterest – after a few half-hearted attempts at pinning, I’ve finally begin to appreciate the ease in which it allows us to immerse and lose ourselves in a virtual sea of beautiful pictures and beautiful words. The quotes that I would like to share below (and some of my accompanying thoughts) are amongst the ones that I’ve stumbled upon on Pinterest whenever life is getting me down – some of these are quotes I’ve found on days when I feel so emotionally fatigued that all I want to do is stay in bed, cut off all contact and wallow in my own thoughts and self-pity, while others appear like a well-timed reminder.

I’d like to think that everything – be it people, objects or words – finds us at the right moments and I hope one of these nine lovely quotes finds its way to you too when you need it most.

1. There’s more to life than just walking along the path ahead, routinely doing the things that we’ve always been doing, staying in our comfort zones. Dare to do.

2. When the strong needs saving, will anyone be there? I take comfort in the fact that my Superman savior takes the form of my parents – on the rare occasions when I truly crumble and break down, when trying to appear strong takes its toll, it’s my mother’s shoulder that I seek to wordlessly sob my heart out. I hope my daughter – as strong and determined as she may be (yes, her personality is very apparent, even at the tender age of three) – will cast me in the same role in future, if and when she has the need.

3. Noise and work – I deal with these just fine. But when it comes to trouble, especially the emotional kind that triggers my coping mechanism, I realize that I will begin to withdraw and distance myself  – outwardly trying to appear fine and at peace, while desperately trying to tame and stem the train of thoughts barreling through my head. I find that I’m very rarely calm in my heart and this kind of peace is something that I’m still learning to achieve.

4. Keep on stepping. Keep on moving. One foot in front of another. I thank god for my daughter. She is simultaneously my way forward as well as the anchor that keeps me grounded.

5. I’ve never been a fan of exercising, but by experience, the other two definitely works (short term solution, but I’m not complaining!). A good cry does wonders. A holiday by the beach, even more so.

6. I used to find it very hard to cut off friends that bring me down – I would agonize and fret over the things they do or say about me. But the past two years have taught me how to emotionally detach myself even when I’m in their presence, that it’s ok to put people like these aside – after all, their absence in my life only serves to make more room for the people who do matter.

7. This is from Tyler Knott, an author whom I wrote about here (I think it’s nice to tell people that you admire their work and I did just that a couple of weeks back with a short note telling him how much I love his poems and I even got a reply!). I actually found this quote today after spending the morning trying to shake off some hurtful memories. Forgetting is an act that I find very hard to do – I know in my head that I would be a much happier and better person if I could learn to forget faster yet my mind stubbornly clings on to certain things. Another work in progress, this.

8. When two people come together and the first flush of love has lost its sheen, incompatibilities are invariably revealed as individual personalities and quirks that has built up over the years, be it through nature or nurture, begin to clash. This quote is such a good reminder that at the end of the day, if love is still in both your hearts, the rights can outweigh the wrongs (don’t get me wrong though – there are some things that are impossible to forgive in my books no matter how many points have been gained in the ‘right’ column). I admit that this piece of advice is another one that does take some constant, internal reminding – sometimes, little squabbles does take its toll but despite everything, I am truly and eternally grateful (even though I rarely show it) that the boyfriend’s optimistic outlook towards everything does much to balance my infinitely more pessimistic, prickly and grumpy side, especially on particularly trying days.

9. I hope that when the time comes, I would have done enough to show my daughter right from wrong, but allow her to make her own decisions and choose her own path.

[/end of quote].



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