8 Nov 2013 § Leave a comment

I very rarely drink.

And by very rarely I actually mean that I drank my first proper alcoholic drink about 4 years ago, and that the number of alcoholic drinks I’ve had in this year alone is very likely still a single digit number.

I don’t particularly like the taste of alcohol, be it hard liquor or wine and tend to veer more towards cocktails…having tried margaritas (the salt makes it bearable), mojitos (the mint makes it bearable), sangria (the fruits…) and lychee martinis (yes, the lychee…). Heh.

Amongst the short list of cocktails that I’ve tried, I have to confess that I do like the occasional peach bellinis though; probably the only drink I’ve managed to finish in one night. Yes, I’m known to have the unenviable talent of nursing my drink for a couple of hours…

ice wine

But not anymore!

I bought this bottle of ice wine on a whim at the airport and it has been sitting in my fridge for almost a year. Finally had an occasion to open it and oh my oh my…

The incredible sweetness of the wine was absolutely lovely and so refreshing. The alcohol content must have been really low as well coz I polished off two glasses without feeling the least bit tipsy! Flushed, yes…but definitely still 100% sober.

So yes, I suppose I can finally add ice wine to my currently non-existent repertoire of wines that I’ve tried.

Love at first sip, really.


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