urban sketching, take two.

1 Jan 2014 § Leave a comment

Was in the midst of packing up the pile of books on my desk when I came across my sketchbook. Yes, the one I bought straight after the urban sketching class I took more than 1.5 years ago.

As with most things/hobbies that catches my eye, this one ended up being a passing fancy as well. Typical, especially when it’s something I don’t particularly excel in, heh. Nevertheless, here are some sketches I did post-class that I think can pass muster…

blackberry addictBlackberry addict

chatime addictChatime addict as well.

topshelfAt Topshelf

luckA quick sketch done in the car

chalkSketching while my girl was drawing as well. Colored it in later.

batucavesI cheated. Based this drawing on a photo I took.

starbucksMocha. The only coffee I like. Sorry, coffee snobs.

shoppingExpensive shoes: worn once. Cheapo retro watch: worn almost everyday since.

bistroatableMy favorite sketch of the lot.

“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation” ~ H. Cartier-Bresson

Explains perfectly why I’m better at the former than the latter…

On another note…hello 2014!


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