12 Jan 2014 § 1 Comment

During a senior managers’ offsite event a couple of months ago at work, one of the ice breaker games we played was for each of us to choose our favorite song on Spotify, and before it’s played out loud, everyone else was tasked to guess the genre and song based on their observation about the person’s personality, likes and dislikes.

I obviously did very badly, having always been terrible at reading people, on top of having a horrible memory of song titles and artists (give me the melody and I can identify the song but for the life of me, do not ask me who sang it).

As for myself, guesses regarding the genre of my favorite song ranged from boy bands to Chinese songs.

Seriously? Whatever image I’m portraying at work is definitely at odds with my inner persona because they were so far off it wasn’t funny.

The song I chose from the Spotify list is one amongst the list I’ve compiled below…yes, these days, my favorite songs come from the so-called jiwang Indonesian genre. Emo, I know. But really, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. Most of these songs are permanently on rotation in my car, almost always played at full volume on rainy days during solo drives home, some of which I’ve repeated so many times that I almost know all the words by heart…

Terserah – Glenn Fredly

Akhir Cerita Cinta – Glenn Fredly

Jangan Memilih Aku – Anang & Syahrini

Kau Ilhamku – Man Bai

Sempurna – Andra and the Backbone

Mungkin Nanti – Peterpan

Januari – Glenn Fredly


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  • unkaleong says:

    Someone’s been busy writing šŸ™‚ Thanks to you, I will have the lyrics for Terserah forever ingrained in my memory šŸ˜›

    It’s all about the “G-$” babes..


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