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My little one turned five over the past weekend and the lucky girl had three celebrations in total – one at school, one with myself and her grandparents and another one with close friends! I was in the midst of uploading the pictures taken during her pool party onto Facebook when I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and decided to compile a series of photos taken from all her past birthdays.

I’ve always looked forward to planning her parties, and while writing this post, I realized that the little one has slowly risen the bar for me each year – god knows what she’s going to ask for next year!

Some friends tell me not to bother having such an elaborate party every year…”it’s not like she’s going to remember!”.

But truly, that’s not the point. As tiring as it may be, I love the pre-planning stage…sourcing for and making the decorations, deciding on the menu and venue, preparing the party packs. It really doesn’t matter whether she remembers this a year later or 5 years later, what matters to me is that look of amazement and wonder on her face when she sees the theme that she has asked for come to life as she walks onto the party venue.

And that tight hug I always, always get with the accompanying heart-melting whisper into my ear…

“Thank you mommy, this was the best party ever!”



  • Venue: Bijou @ Mont Kiara
  • Birthday cake: Fruit Pavlova from Just Heavenly
  • Food: Bijou @ Mont Kiara
  • Theme: Pink
  • Decorations: I printed 52 photos of the lil one and placed it all over the restaurant, one for each week of her first year. M&Ms and old skool sweets. Balloons courtesy of Bijou.



  • Venue: Stuff Your Face @ BSC
  • Birthday cake: Strawberry shortcake from The Haute Food Co.
  • Food: Stuff Your Face @ BSC



  • Venue: Multi-purpose hall at Challis
  • Birthday cake: Chocolate strawberry cake from The Haute Food Co.
  • Food: Citarasa Uniq
  • Theme: Pink and blue
  • Decorations: Balloons, banners, pom poms, lollipop cake, clown, bouncy castle, face painting…the works!



  • Venue: Artis Kids Store @ Publika
  • Birthday cake: Tinkerbell themed chocolate cake from JC’s Simply Delectable Cakes
  • Food: Cupcakes from Wondermilk, macarons from Nathalie’s Gourmet, Garrett’s popcorn, homemade mini cream puffs and Oreo pops, popsicles from The Potong
  • Theme: The Fairy Arty Party
  • Decorations: Balloons, handmade cupcake stands, handmade fairy flower wands made out of felt for the girls and Peter Pan caps for the boys and the pièce de résistance…a fairy crown for the birthday girl, made out of small individually-created felt flowers painstakingly glued together using my trusty glue gun!



  • Venue: Poolside at my new place
  • Birthday cake: Blackforest cake from The Haute Food Co.
  • Food: Catered from The Haute Food Co., popsicles from The Potong
  • Theme: My Little Pony
  • Decorations: Rainbow balloons, customized My Little Pony decorations purchased via digital files from Etsy including centrepiece, cupcake toppers, birthday signage, happy birthday banner, bottle labels and food tent cards.


It’s definitely a party when desserts outweigh the mains. From left to right, top to bottom…we had: Bacon+onion+cheese quiche, egg+cheese+chives sandwiches, smoked chicken+mushroom quiche, red velvet cupcakes, black forest cake, vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting, mango and strawberry popsicles, roast beef sandwich and banana cream pie.


The food all lined up…


Recycled last year’s cupcake stands, and bought more My Little Pony figurines for decor…


Love the personalized bottle labels from Etsy!

orange juice

The rainbow balloons were a hit…the kids ‘freed’ most of the balloons when the party ended, so adorable to see them squealing in glee as the balloons floated higher and higher and was carried off by the breeze into the clouds…

rainbow balloons

The girls having fun playing with bubbles…


Behind the scenes…late night preparation!


Here’s my gorgeous girl on the night of her birthday. We brought her to her favorite Italian restaurant and surprised her with another birthday cake…she was so uncharacteristically shy when the staff came out with the cake while singing happy birthday! It was really nice to have celebrated her birthday there as most of the staff in that restaurant has seen her grown from a baby till now…sigh, how time flies!


And here she is on the morning of her birthday, celebrating with her friends at school…


Happy 5th birthday, my precious girl! You’ll forever be the love of my life and my partner-in-crime for all things sweet! ❤



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  • mun says:

    I have been following your previous blog before Elena was born. And to think she is five now. Wishing her a very happy, happy, belated birthday. So nice to see both mother and daughter being so happy in the photos above. May both of you have many, many, many more happy birthday celebrations!

    • sy says:

      Hello! Wow…firstly thank you for having followed my blog since back then…=) And thank you very much for the birthday wishes too! Haha yeah, I can’t believe she’s already five, time flies way too fast…but yes, definitely many many many more happy birthday celebrations to come…=)

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